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Comments: Excellent specialized shoe.   Did several orienteering races in them, great support, very comfortable.

Do not run on roads with them.  Doh.

Used them with Inov8 gaiter sock.   Worked great.

I have no idea what they guy who complains about lacing is talking about.   They lace and fit much better then Speedcross.   Its a tight fit, but it has to be that way for running across steep slopes.
From: Daniel, Palo Alto, CA, USA

Comments: First I have to say that I did not get these shoes for running.  I use them as ultralight hiking shoes.  I recently used them for a 7 day wilderness trip in Arizona.  This shoe is as close to "perfect" footware as I have ever seen in my life.  They are super light weight, so fit the bill for ultralight.  They are bomb proof.  I hiked up steep terrain, I hiked down steep terrain, I hiked in sand, over rocks in dry river beds, through cactus and all kinds of nasty prickly plants. I did rock climbing and bouldering in them and they rival purpose built climbing shoes.  I hiked through water, waist deep in the river on slippery rocks.  These shoes performed flawlessly.  You simply cannot buy a better ultralight hiking shoe.  After 7 days in them in the wilderness of Arizona, I would never use another shoe if given the option.  The fit is about 1/4 size larger like another poster commented, but when hiking for days at a time, your feet tend to swell so that extra room is a benefit.  I wor
e thin wool socks with them which was a perfect combination.  The other people I was with had shoe envy.  They were suffering in hiking boots.  Constantly switching between boots and sandals, whereas I wore the same shoe the entire time without even a hint of a blister after about 60 miles.  Literally these are perfect shoes.
From: Tom, Derry, NH, USA

Comments:  I was interested in S Lab shoes because of how precise the fit is supposed to be, they are handmade, etc. I tried the Fellcross and have been very disappointed. 1 run in them I wish I had never taken. I did 6 miles in them. The fit of these shoes is inconsistent from right to left. I know our feet are not the same, but the differences are pretty big. The volume of the shoe on the right and left  is odd. I have to pull the laces so tight on my left so that the upper almost touches and on the right, they tighten at a fairly normal rate. Once I started running in these shoes, one of the speed laces worked loose quickly, and I had to stop and tighten it up 2-3 times during a run. Anytime I would climb, it would pop loose.

I expected more from a hand made S-Lab shoe, especially one that cost me $120+ bucks and retails for close to $170. I can really appreciate trying to get lighter, lower and more performance oriented with a performance oriented shoe, it's what attracted me to this model, but make the fit consistent. I have a pair of Speedcross 2's that I have over 700 miles on and I've loved them, have never had issues with the lacing or the fit.

I'm very disappointed.
From: Scott, Bend OR USA

Comments: This shoe rocks, but it's ugly.  It's a racing flat for the trail.  The low profile sole is stable and light weight.  However, this is not a winter shoe despite the mud and snow sole.  The tongue is not webbed, so no matter what materials it's made out of, your feet are going to get wet.  Also, the S-Lab gaiters that Salomon sells to seal the top of the shoe do not fit perfectly around the sole.  The shoe is most suited for 3-season racing, but expect at least two brown lines on the top of your socks.  It also seems to be at least a 1/4 of a size larger than a standard running shoe, but if you wear a bulkier sock or add a custom footbed, this is probably not a problem.
From: Dave, Libertyville, IL, USA

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