Saucony Cortana 3 Men's Shoes Black/Green Customer feedback

Comments: Have you ever shook someone's hand or had them shake yours where they squeeze relatively hard and then they grind your metacarpals together by flexing their grip? Well that's the way these Cortanas are. They are too narrow across the ball of the foot and sort of cup your foot narrowly there such that when you lift your foot it will grind your metacarpals. It's a neuroma waiting to happen. I had two pairs of Cortana 2s and looked forward to trying the 3s. In shoefitr the 3D picture shows the 3s having slightly more volume than the 2s in the forefoot, but the Fit picture shows the 3s being slightly narrower across the ball of the foot. They're more than slightly narrower though. So sometimes narrower isn't too bad because your foot can sit a little wider, but on the 3s they have the rubber on the outside forming like a cup, that doesn't let your foot do that, but constrains it. I didn't dare run in them for any distance because just running in the house my feet experienced that handshake sensation I described above. It also has much less little toe room than the 2s. So the good of the 3s - they're lighter, I love the green ones, the materials are great. Perhaps if you want this for a race day, limited use shoe they'd work but not for longer distances. They're just way to narrow for use as an everyday trainer. They are foot problems waiting to happen. I give kudos to Saucony for creating a low drop, lightweight, cushioned trainer, but they really need a better forefoot fit. Luckily I was able to find another pair of the 2s to use while I find a different shoe.
From: Glen, Moorestown, NJ, USA. July 31st 2014

Comments: 5'8" 165 pounds, neutral pronater. Was looking for a daily high mileage weekly trainer after Mizuno discontinued the Precision, this is it. I run in Saucony Kinvara's for track + 5Ks, but the Kinvara's aren't comfortable for distances beyond 5-6 miles. The Cortana's are light + fast like the Kinvara's, but with more cushioning. Great shoe.
From: Jeff, Atlanta, GA, USA. May 5th 2014

Comments: I purchased these about 3 weeks ago from Running Warehouse (the most awesome place on Earth for running shoes, apparel & accessories) & I've got close to 60mi on them. Got them in on a Wednesday & my first run with them was the next day - I went! Comfortable & fast. During this training run, this "46 year old, 175lb'er" clocked a 50:36 - a PR for my 10k. That Saturday (only my 2nd run in them), I ran a half-marathon road race - turned in a PR (1:54:28). And what was just as exciting for me along with shaving close to 3 minutes off my HM PR was how my legs felt at mile 11 & 12...they were feeling great, even running into 25mph head winds the last 2 miles! I have to say that these Cortana 3's kept me feeling well throughout. First putting them on, I thought the upper & toe box were going to be too snug...but I've run in Kinvara 4's before & they had (on me) a similar feel. I didn't even notice any snugness on the run. I'm a neutral runner & I was hesitant about the medial black rubber "post" (but it's not a post, I guess). But for me, it's probably assisting me on the further miles. It doesn't bother me at all. The price is...well...pricey...but again, for me - a guy who's pretty picky on his running shoes & have tried a lot of them - I'm so glad I spent the extra. I'm not disappointed & while I have the Cortana 3's (oddly enough for me) I'll be road running in just these. Love the brand - love the shoe - love Running Warehouse!!!
From: Mike, Loomis, NE, USA

Comments: I just ran in the Cortana 3 last weekend at Ironman Lake Tahoe. I had the fastest run split of the day with a 2:52 marathon. I decided to wear the Cortana instead of a pure racing flat and was not disappointed. Any time lost due to extra weight was made up for in the later miles when my legs felt fresher and I was able to push the downhills more. I ran a 16:40 5k during a downhill section between 19 and 22. Very happy with these shoes. Uppers felt a little bit tight, but not restrictive. Forefoot definitely isn't wide, it is snug. But flexfilm definitely allowed for comfort.
From: Kevin, Folsom, CA, USA

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