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Comments: I love my Cortanas!! I just ran a personal best for a half marathon in these and they felt super! I followed the advice of the shoefinder size recommendation for these and went a half size up than my usual 7.5M size. I have high arches. These comfortably encourage the forefoot strike and provide excellent cushioning.
From: Anonymous

Comments: This is my shoe.  I have built up my mileage and so far avoided any injury since switching to these.  Just what I wanted, a lower forefoot to heel drop and enough cushion for road running and my 53 year old legs.  My Plantar Fascitis has subsided and although still there, my IT band issues are much better as well.  Not to mention my calves handle the lower drop much better.  No calf strains either.  Biggest downside, it I only have a bout 100 miles on them, looked at the sole and was appalled at how much they have already worn down.  I have ordered another pair while they are on sale and may have to go for a 3rd.  Love Love Love them.
From: Anonymous

Comments: There isn't a shoe on the market that takes care of my feet like the Saucony Cortanas do. As a full-on forefoot striker and slight supinator, nothing provides the cushioned ride on the longer miles like this shoe. The only downsides that I've found are that I had to replace them after a little over 250 road miles (worn through) and none of my local running shoe outlets carry them or, in some cases, have even heard of them. Kinavar, yes. Cortana, no. I've got another pair coming in the mail but will be looking for another brand with the same features and, hopefully, a little more durability.
From: Michelle, Akron, NY, USA

Comments: I had to get off my heels.  No two ways about it.  Sciatica has been very difficult to overcome.  The Cortana made the transition very easy for me.  Love the shoes.  One thing needs to change.  The shoelaces need to be longer. With the Cortana I believe I'll leave my back injury behind.
From: Patty, New York, NY, USA

Comments: I absolutely love these sneakers. I am not a huge runner, but I do go on short runs to stay in shape and these sneakers are perfect. They are very comfortable and I am extremely happy with how they look! I am also very thankful for the reasonable price and the quick shipping provided by running warehouse. I absolutely recommend these sneakers as well as this website.
From: Melissa, NJ, USA

Comments: I love these shoes! I have been working on my stride from heel striker to midfoot but I like plenty of cushion. The Cortana delivers. This shoe is making that the transition easier and more comfortable because it's got plenty of midfoot cushion and no huge chunky heel. I'm getting faster too! :) Love them!!
From: Deanna, Houston, TX, USA

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