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Comments: Run small, and small toe box, not happy with them. Running for 3 weeks and still can't break them in. I have worn Saucony forever and have always had enough room, these just felt like they were pinching and not enough room in the front. Woman do not have pointy feet. Throwing out 68$ is a shame can't even wear them as casual shoes. Cushioning is good but just not enough room.
From: Karin, Orchard Park, New York, USA

Comments: Just bought Saucony Hurricane 14 to replace my worn out Kinvara 2's . Love the support, and very comfortable, but this shoe runs small. I am returning for a half size bigger. Wish Saucony would start offering wide sneakers.
From: Marcia, Diebold, West Seneca, NY, Erie

Comments: These shoes are FANTASTIC! They hit the sweet spot of cushioning, support, and flexibility. They're enough cushion to help me not have joint pain, but they also feel light on my feet and fast. I had the black and purple first, ordered a back-up pair, and now ordered the pink ones... and they're awesome too! Nice, bright, flashy pink. As soon as I got the new ones in the mail, I took them out for my long run and did 10 miles. No pain, no soreness. I pair them with my Superfeet insoles for a perfect combination.
From: Cara, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Comments: Disappointed in the update!  I've worn Hurricanes for years and owned the Hurrican 10, 11, 12, 13 and now 14.  The cushion in the 14 is much less than before!  What the heck, Saucony?  If it ain't broke, don't fix it!  I know everyone is going for the "lighter = faster" but some of us just want to enjoy our run pain free.  I've had multiple blisters with these new shoes despite changing socks, using Body Glide, giving them some time to break in, etc.  Just not a good fit and not enough cushion.  Guess I'll have to move away from Saucony and start looking at other bands.  Sad!
From: Ashley, Texas, USA

Comments: I am wearing my 2nd pair of Hurricane 14s & just ordered my third. I love these shoes! I have worn Hurricanes since 2006 & these are my favourite. They are not as clunky as previous models & don't feel as heavy. I was getting forefoot pain & the 14s alleviated it. Previous models took at least 4 weeks to feel comfortable & not trip over my toes because the sole had so little flex. These feel good right out of the box. I run half marathons so they get good wear. I also love the colour!
From: Caroline, Canada

Comments: This shoe is advertised as being reminiscent of the decade older hurricane. not so at all. I went through about 25 pairs of the 1998 hurricane (was lucky to have a saucony outlet two blocks from my house) and that was my shoe for years. that shoe was not ridiculously high off the ground, mushy nor did it have an annoying piece that protrudes from the medial side of the forefoot. it was a flexible, responsive, lower profile shoe that had minimal support. i can't understand why saucony, and other manufacturers, think that if you lower the heel height and then add additional millimeters of bulk under the forefoot it makes for a more "natural" ride. Just lower the heel and keep the forefoot constant or reduce that too. 22 millimeters in the forefoot is absolutely crazy. in fact, saucony no longer makes one shoe in the performance stability category. i also wore the tangent, every version though the two was the best, until that was ruined and then replaced by the mirage. NOT EVEN CLOSE SAUCONY. Should I add comments about what happened to the fastwitch too? Another shoe I wore until the V. Good job saucony. I wore your shoes exclusively for 22 years and now you have made every shoe too wide, too built up in the forefoot, too stable or too wide.
From: Anonymous, USA

Comments: I got the Saucony Hurricane 14s the week they came out, as a suggestion from a local running store. I needed something with a good bit of cushion, that corrected my slight over-pronation, but weren't heavy or clunky (like my previous shoes were). These are a perfect combination, and they feel much lighter and faster than other cushioned shoes, but still feel like you're landing on cushioned comfort right with each step--especially under the ball of the foot. It's nice to finally have a shoe that is perfect for me but actually feels faster and lighter and looks pretty awesome too.
From: Cara, W.V. USA

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