Salomon Sense Pro Men's Shoes Yellow/Black Customer feedback

Comments: Have to warn people on this shoe. I have the lighter blue version from earlier this year, in fact just got it two weeks ago and was impressed, have done three runs in it, all went well..the last run was a 11 to 12 miler and was running happy except the shoe did start to feel like it was lacking some cushion near the end/around mile 9. There is also a minor defect in the shoe, I feel a divet under my right big toe. Another review on another site mentioned something similar...he says the midsole does not go to the edge of the shoe and he can feel the edge with his toes. Otherwise this is a good shoe, it is narrow but the flexible and soft upper allows for toe splay and foot swelling so it works for my wider fore foot, much better than the Sense Mantra 2. This shoe also runs long. I bought a 10.5 in this and the Sense Mantra. The Sense Pro I have over a thumb width room in big toe, The Sense Mantra 2 felt tight everywhere in fact it felt even better getting it off my foot a fter a run. But back to this shoe, it rides firm, works great when forefoot running, can be a little firm for mid foot running but doable, On harder rockier surfaces you may want more cushion but softer stuff it does great, It runs fast and is comfy out of the box. The light blue looks good too. The last run it had rained the night before, I slipped once going up a hill, the sole did keep some mud but not bad. Now for the rub..I thought enough of this shoe to order another pair, this time they came in the dark blue, I was shocked, It felt like a totally different shoe, Than I remembered another shoe review about another shoe on another site...I checked the tag and sure enough, the first light blue one was made in China, The second darker blue one was made in Vietnam. I called Salomon and they confirmed two factories, although I bought the shoes two weeks apart, The light blue one was from earlier in the year and from a totally different factory. The dark blue one is narrower, firmer, stiffer, The foot bed even felt off to way would I run in it, sent it right back. So in closing the light blue Sense Pro from China...very good shoe! This new dark blue one from Vietnam...not for me...can not recommend
From: Bill, GA, USA. October 16th 2014

Comments: The Sense Pro is a great shoe. I have 30 miles on them which includes a 10 mile street run and a 10 mile trail run. This shoe takes the lower part of the Mantra and upper of the Sense and melds them together. The result is a shoe that is low drop 5mm and less weight than the Mantra (.7 oz). Fit is just the same as the Mantra (I take a 11.5 in the Mantra and the same for the Pro). The forefoot while not tight is not as wide as I would like. The ride is fantastic as good as the street as on the trail. Grip is good on the trail although I am not sure how it would handle really tough terrain. Can't find any downsides to this shoe other than the color (screaming yellow really) but it is good for night running. Price is good too.
From: George, Manteca, CA, USA

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