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Comments: I really like the look and weight and cushioning of this shoe, but unfortunately the mesh developed holes throughout. Very odd and disappointing. Not sure if I got a pair of lemons or what, but the entire toe/top of foot box area is polka dotted with holes that materialized about 2 months in to owning them.
From: Courtney, Denver, CO

Comments: I found out about these shoes at a running clinic put on by Fleet Feet. I have plantars faciitis (PF) and ankle bursitis (AB) in my right foot so my podiatrist prescribed custom orthotics and even said stop running (not going to happen). All the foot exercises, PT, and orthotics the problems were still there. Then I began to read and learned my feet cannot heal if they are jacked up with a wad of rubber and pre-shaped inserts. Fast forward, I decided to take things into my own hands and decided to go the minimalist route. I have been running in these shoes for about a month and they just completed a half marathon and did me proud. I LOVE THESE SHOES. I took the time to break them in and they work. Cool, light, and gives me great footing. My PF/AB is slowly going away due to my feet being in their normal position and learning correct running form. I am going to buy another pair in order to have them for racing only and the current ones for training. Also, Running Warehouse has the best prices and customer service so of course I will purchase them from here like I do all of my running gear!! I highly recommend this shoe and the great color choices!!
From: Ila, Evantson, IL, USA

Comments: I am not someone who normally reviews things but I felt the need to do it for these shoes since they are brand new to the market. So a little about me first, I run approximately 30 miles a week. One "low" mileage speed work day, 2 5/10K days and 1 long Saturday run. So I have tried these out in most situations. I own mostly traditional running shoes but lately I have decided some of my issues (i.e. foot dragging and not pushing off correctly) might be helped by switching to a minimal shoe. I was right. I own the Saucony A5's as well and those are great for running races but I didn't enjoy the experience of training in them. The Saucony Virrata is awesome! I am so impressed by all the functions of the shoe. I seriously feel like this is the shoe I have been waiting for for all these years so I am so excited! So I decided to make a pro/con list to help out other people planning to try this shoe.

Pro's: Super light= weight of a racing flat, awesome for helping form. 18mm foam= so still very well cushioned for long runs. The shape= encourages a "natural" midfoot strike but doesn't hurt you if you don't. Really flexible with all the ridges= which makes it feel glove like. Because foam is what is touching the ground/ there is no rubber on the very bottom, you still can feel the road, rocks, trail. Which I love the feeling of. Looks awesome. Black with neon green and pink. And, I don't know if other companies do this but it's brilliant- the Saucony logo on the side is a light reflector for safety and it just looks awesome too.

Con's: There is no rubber on the bottom/ the foam is what hits the ground= I'm a little worried about the durability, though no issues yet. This isn't necessarily this shoe but because it is zero drop you can't just lace them up and run. It takes some breaking in for your feet/ankles so you don't get injured. Overall, I love this shoe and would highly recommend it.
From: Megan, New Orleans, LA, USA


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