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Comments: I love these shoes. I am 61 years old and have been suffering with severe pain in my right heel for many years. I feel this pain daily, walking, running, driving, etc. I had been running on a shoe that is designed for a forefoot strike that allowed me to keep running. I have had two runs in these shoes and wore them for about 16 hours total. My heel comfort is unbelievable. No pain at all!!! I have not experienced any of the blistering other people complain about. They have a very neutral running feel which is what I like. These are not light weight racers but rather a great every day training shoe. After my first run, I went out and bought another pair for myself so I can save them for when the first pair wears out. I also bought a pair for my 16 year old son and he loves them (he is a Football running back and is using these for street training). The quality of cushioning is the best I ever had.
From: Brian Lunn, Marshfield, MA, USA

Comments: Very very average effort from Salomon. I cannot for the life of me understand why they can't produce a lower and lighter trail shoe that's not 200 dollars. The Mission is "the shoe for runners who have been running trails in road shoes" - really? I have done 40km mountain runs in racing flats and they worked better offroad than the Missions and on road the Missions are horrible. After selling my Missions (very hot to run in, heel too high, not at all flexible) I found a pair of their casual shoes called the Kalalau and the sole on those looks perfect for a lightweight daily trainer - lower heel drop and low weight. It's not hard Salomon, look around, the other brands are getting lower, lighter, and well priced shoes to us, so do the same. And no, the Sense Mantra is not reasonably priced.
From: Andrew, Durban, South Africa

Comments: Salomon should stick to the trail shoes, these are awful to run in, had blisters soon after a few miles. I now wear them just to train my clients in them because they look awesome. just not made for running. 
From: Greg, New York, New York, USA

Comments: True mates, i have blisters on the arch whenever running on xr mision... really dissapointing....
From: kid, singapore

Comments: More of the same from me, blisters.   I have been running in the Speedcross for 2 years, finished my first 50 miler in them and never once had any blisters or discomfort, I was looking for a new road shoe and thought I'd try the XR
Mission but these shoes are not for me. Went out for a quick 6 miles and new I was in trouble inside of mile 2, blisters just behind the balls of both feet and blisters on both achilles. I will for sure keep running the trails in my Speedcross 3's, but on the road I'm going back to old faithful.
From: Brooklin, SM, CA,  USA

Comments: Running in these shoes was the best my achilles has felt in six months.  I've been struggling with this pain and tried switching through a number of different shoes to no avail.  I think it's most likely the abnormally high arches in these shoes, that the other reviewers mentioned, that is working the magic for my achilles.  So while they may cause blisters for some people, they feel precisely right for me.  The heel to toe transition feels swift and natural with these and they're surprisingly light.
From: Alan, Rochester, NY USA

Comments: XR Mission: looks great, feels bad. I'm sticking with the Crossmax. One run was all it took for me to know that this shoe wasn't what I was looking for.  Strange rubbing behind the ball of my foot and I even experienced unusual toe joint pain in one foot.  All in just 6 miles.  Oh well, the shoes look great on my feet at my office and they are good walking around town shoes.  No more running in those suckers for me.  The crossmax, however, runs great.  I can't say enough good things about that shoe.
From: Jake, CO, USA

Comments: Another set of blistered arches here. I've been running in Salomons for the 5+ years - XAs, then XTs and logged 2000+ miles last year in my XR Crossmax and have never had a problem until the XR Mission. Salomon needs to go back and redesign this shoe. I found the culprit inside the shoe - there is support band near the 'SensiFit' webbing that is strung too tight and rubs on the front of the arch, just behind the ball of the foot. Sorry Salomon - you botched an otherwise great shoe with a basic design flaw. Looking forward to seeing the XR Mission 2...
From: Matt, Upstate, NY, USA

Comments: Ding, ding, ding.  Just put my first run in with these and got blisters on both feet which has never happened before.  Curious what the return policy is.  I'm going back to the Crossmax.
From: Matt, Spokane, WA, USA

Comments: I just wanted to agree with the reviewers that had the blistered arches.  I've never had that happen with any pair of shoes until I used these.  My first run for 10 miles was all it took to rub my arches raw.  I LOVE the look and feel of these shoes and I feel that the construction and quality of the shoe is second to none.  Really disappointed that I can't use them anymore though.
From: Steve, San Ramon, CA, USA

Comments: I wore these shoes while running the Pass Mtn 26k in Mesa, AZ. A Salomon vendor was demo-ing shoes at the event. I tried the Salomon XR Mission because I was battling right Achilles tendonitis that I acquired while wearing the Brooks Pure Grit. I need a higher heel to toe elevation than the Brooks Pure Grit offered, so the Salomons seemed to fit my need. I have been running for 20+ years, and these shoes provided the best cushioning of any shoe I have ever laced up. My Achilles felt wonderful. These shoes felt like a pillow on my feet while I ran through canyons, washes, gullies, switchbacks, across desert plains and up and over Pass Mtn. I was truly amazed how these shoes chewed up the vicious terrain we ran on that day. BUT just like Jean said, I felt hotspots developing less than a mile into the run and by mile 2 I had blisters on both arches. I even wear Features Elite blister proof/moisture wicking socks. By mile 5, I was hobbling as the blisters had popped and I was running on raw skin. If it was not for the cushioning these shoes provided, I would have crawled back to the finish line. I managed to finish the run, however, my feet were raw for a week afterward. Like Jean said, my foot shifted around a lot inside of the shoe as well. I like the lacing system but some parts of my foot felt locked in place and other parts were sliding around.
From: Jeremy, Chicago, IL USA

Comments: I am a big fan of Salomon, and have 3 of their shoes in my current trail line up, but I do not like this shoe.  I have put six 5 mile sessions on them and cannot go any further due to excessive blisters in my arch.  I have never had a shoe do this.  Generally I can run with most right out of the box.  And these do not seem to get any better.  I think the lacing system is to blame.  It does not allow for a tight enough fit thru the center of the shoe so there is too much movement.  Also the lacing system broke on my last run (after only 6 runs).  Not impressed with these.
From: Ryan, TX, USA

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