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Comments: This is an update to my earlier post. I've used the shoes on 3 additional runs, plus a couple of bushwacking walks/climbs. My opinion is more positive than before. The more rugged the terrain, the better these perform (the earlier runs were shorter and not as rugged) The biggest test was a favorite tough run: 14.7 miles with just over 1800 feet of climb and, of course, also 1800 of descent. Compared to doing this with Asics Gel Fuji Racers, these were way better. They kept my feet drier and Waaayyyyy better protected, which made a very big difference. With the Gel Fuji's my feet would be beat up after this run, but not with these. I thought on the uphills, I might notice the extra weight, or that these would slow me down. This is not the case. On the downhills, they rock. This run has a two mile down section where the trail is strewn with rocks from marble-sized to softball-sized. These shoes let me ignore that small stuff, which could give a stone bruise with a softer shoe, and focus on the big stuff, which can twist an ankle. It lets you go faster with lots more confidence. Also, this run has several sections of slick, hard packed clay, which I noted before was problematic. However, since I knew the shoes could be a little slick, I adjusted my technique and there were no significant issues. For example, on the downs, I made sure to land on my forefoot, giving a fuller sole contact, and this reduced the slippage to normal. Similarly, on the ups, I used a delayed toe off...same thing. Anyway, for serious runs, these just became my go-to shoes. They are comfortable and protective and because of that, they let you go faster with more confidence.
From: Basil, Kapaa, Hawaii, USA

Comments: I've used this three times on mixed trail runs of 5 and 6 miles. These runs were all in Hawaii during our wet winter.
This is a very protective nice shoe. The waterproofing is incredible. I've  intentionally splashed through puddles and my feet stay totally dry. Very protective sole...the Vibram is quite tough. While a bit heavy, it feels fine running and cradles the foot.
While it has good traction in most situations, on hard wet clay it is dangerously slippery. On my first run I fell going uphill (!!) while running on a canted section of hard, wet clay. The clay is slippery, but most shoe soles with softer rubber handle it better. My slip was completely unexpected and thus a hard fall. The sole design features are nice, so this is just a function of how the hard rubber acts on certain surfaces.
I like the shoe and will wear it for a number of activities besides running. However, for many of the trails here, I will wear a softer rubber trail shoe.
From: Basil, Kapaa, Hawaii, USA

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