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Apparel Temperature

  • Apparel for Hot Temperatures (65+ degrees F): Technical moisture management apparel that is designed to move perspiration away from the skin to keep the athlete cool and dry.
  • Apparel for Moderate Temperatures:
    • 30-45 degrees F: Apparel pieces that provide substantial coverage to help maintain your core body temperature and alleviate temperature loss for increased athletic performance. Pieces in this category are usually thicker and many are fleece-lined.
    • 40-55 degrees F: Midweight apparel pieces that are a balance of moisture control and thermal regulation. These pieces are not as heavy or thick as those in the previous category, but are not thin or lightweight either.
    • 50-65 degrees F: Lightweight long-sleeve tops or long pants that provide additional coverage from the elements but are also thin and breathable.
  • Apparel for Cold Temperatures (below 30 degrees F): Apparel for Cold Temperatures (below 30 degrees F): Apparel that provides an unprecedented level of thermal protection and provides a barrier from the elements (wind/water resistant or wind/water proof); ideal for extremely cold and wet conditions.