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adidas adizero adios 2 Product Review

Short Take

A lightweight shoe suitable for racing and training, the adidas adizero adios 2 has a great responsive feel in the forefoot that pushes you forward.

Big Features

  • Springy Midsole: A plastic midsole plate extends through the forefoot, providing excellent response and rebound.
  • Breathable Upper: The lack of a soft inner layer on the upper means there is little between the foot and the elements, keeping the foot ventilated.
  • Grippy Outsole: Sticky rubber throughout both the forefoot and heel keep your feet planted when the pace picks up, even on wet surfaces.

Road Test

adidas’ adios has a pedigree of fast performances. Haile Gebrselassie donned the original adios during his world record marathon performance in 2008, and in 2011, Patrick Makau improved upon the marathon world best in the current version of the shoe. The adios 2 was also worn by both champions of the 2011 Boston Marathon, Geoffery Mutai and Caroline Kilel. Needless to say, we were very excited to give the adios 2 a try, and though we weren’t breaking any world records, we were pleased with what the shoe had to offer.

The fit of the adios 2 is snug, however it was not overly tight or constrictive as we’ve seen in other racing shoes. Some testers did find the heel cup to be slightly generous, noticing a minimal amount of heel movement. The thicker overlays provide a secure feeling of attachment to the shoe, though they do constrict a wider or higher volume foot. It should be noted that the inside of the upper is rough with exposed stitching – socks are a must when running in the adios 2.

Though this shoe was undoubtedly built for racing, we found that it offered enough cushioning to serve as a lightweight trainer. The midsole provides protection to accommodate a forefoot or heel strike, both resulting in a smooth transition off the toes.

The adios 2 is among the stiffest shoes we’ve tested, with little forefoot flexibility. That said, we were amazed by the responsiveness of the shoe, credited to the three plastic strips that run through the forefoot in the midsole, acting as springs that snap the shoe back into shape. This system causes the shoe to propel forward with every step, and combined with the high traction outsole and sticky rubber at the toes, this shoe loves to go fast.

Runners Say


Though this is a go-fast racer, there’s enough shoe for it to be used for training as well.


For a shoe with a 9mm drop, the adios definitely feels flatter. I felt the shoe putting me on my toes and propelling me forward during toe off.


The heel on this shoe was just a bit more roomy than I would’ve liked. Lacing the shoe up through the rearmost eyelets did help alleviate this feeling though.