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adidas adipure Adapt Product Review

Short Take

The adidas adipure Adapt will let your foot adapt to a barefoot running experience while providing just a touch of protection.

Big Features

  • Resilient Platform: Though it offers little in the way of cushioning, the full-length adiPRENE+ foam platform provides a durable ride that protects the foot from sharp objects.
  • Stretch-Fit Upper: The stretch material of the upper is covered by a print pattern that provides variable stretch for a custom fit.

Road Test

When you're running in the adidas adipure Adapt, get ready to field one question quite often: "Are those water socks?" Your challenge: still saying "Nope, they're running shoes" with a smile on your face the 23rd time you're asked this.

But hey, at least the Adapt is getting people talking. And it should, but for different reasons. Yes, it looks unconventional for a running shoe. But once it's on your foot, the shoe does a good job of hugging your foot in all the right places, thanks to the stretchy upper.

The shoe felt surprisingly well anchored for all testers, in spite of the inability to adjust the upper fit. Still, unless you have a high-volume foot, we'd recommend wearing a sock to fill out the shoe. This will protect you from sliding around and developing blisters. On the downside, a sock might add to the heat in a shoe that's already on the warm side.

The platform of the shoe provides adequate protection from the pebbles and other debris you're likely to encounter on road runs. Beyond that, you get very little cushioning, but a somewhat springy ride thanks to the shoe's curved shape. We noticed the curvature of the platform flattening out after just a few runs, but the shoe remained smooth and responsive.

Runners Say


The curved shape of the platform provides a bit of extra protection on landing and more spring at toe-off. I've been comfortable in these for shorter tempo runs.


The shoe slides around very little on the foot during runs, but I still wasn't entirely anchored in place. I went sockless and came back with several blisters on the bottoms of my toes. With a thin sock, problem solved.


Though it's hard to get a secure fit without a lacing system, this was a comfortable shoe with plenty of road feel.