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adidas adipure Motion Product Review

Short Take

The adidas adipure Motion lets you go a lot lighter without giving up much impact protection compared to a traditional trainer.

Big Features

  • Cushioning: A two-layer EVA foam midsole provides responsive cushioning.
  • Unique Upper Design: The Motion looks fairly traditional up until the forefoot, where stretch mesh with rubber overlays holds your foot in place.
  • Durable, Flexible Outsole: A highly durable rubber is used in the heel of the shoe, and adidas keeps things flexible in the forefoot thanks to wide flex grooves.

Road Test

The Motion is the most traditional shoe in the adipure line, and testers who are used to running in traditional trainers definitely felt most at home in this model. It stands out for its flexibility and smoothness.

adidas says that the lacing is asymmetrical, but it felt pretty symmetrical to us. Still, we didn’t find that a contoured lacing system is really needed in the shoe, considering the overall snug fit. The stretch-fit front of the shoe sits close against the foot, but we did not encounter any hotspots with this design.

Testers were happiest using the Motion as a daily trainer, given the nice amount of cushioning. We had little foot fatigue even after longer runs in this shoe. But it certainly can deliver performance during faster workouts and race days as well.

We also think it would be a good option for a runner who’s been in traditional trainers and wants to work toward a lower-drop platform. The 8mm drop plus a fair bit of cushioning helped our testers who are used to traditional running shoes ease into this model.

Runners Say


adidas shoots the gap nicely by offering a good bit of cushioning in a flexible and responsive package.


It’s a far cry from a ‘barefoot’ shoe, but that’s not really the point. The Motion is a nice option for the runner who still wants some structure and cushioning, but enjoys greater ground feel.


Nice, comfortable, and a great run feel; a good mix of ground feel and cushioning.