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Adidas Adizero F50 2

What's the Deal?

Following the original F50, the F50 2 emerges greatly changed, with a new upper, redesigned outsole, and nearly 1oz of added weight. Maintaining a fast feel, the added support is well appreciated by over pronators, along with the shoe's smooth ride and protective cushioning. New overlays create a supportive upper, and the wide heel and roomy midfoot can work with or against you depending on your foot type.

New to this Model
    •    Sprint Web overlays on the upper for a snug fit
    •    Sprint Frame heel counter in the midsole for additional support
    •    Reconfigured outsole
    •    About 1oz. heavier than previous model


A new look brings fans and foes
Most obvious is the shoe's new look- specifically the added sprint web overlays that wrap the upper. Some find this web to have a fast, sleek look, but others worry about the durability of the overlays with high mileage. While the upper is certainly radically different from the old, the overlays do offer support, working to hold the foot in place and allowing for a thin mesh to be used as coverage over the rest of the foot. Even with the mesh however, Cullen comments that the shoe "doesn't breathe as well as others". The new overlays, which do offer a supportive hold around the foot, also seem to hold in heat and moisture, making the shoe a bit less breathable than its predecessor.

More support means more shoe
Structurally, the biggest addition to the F50 2 lies in the midsole, where adidas has added a sprint frame that wraps the heel for extra support. Along with a slightly extended torsion system in the midsole, the update works well in providing more support against over pronation. Tera comments "it feels more supportive than I predicted";  the heel counter holds the foot steady, decreasing pronation and providing a smoother transition from heel-to-toe.

With the additional support comes additional weight, and the shoe comes in nearly an ounce heavier than the last model. However, most find the shoe to feel reasonably light, and the added weight has not posed any problems for testers. Lauren comments that the shoe is "pretty light and feels fairly similar to the last model" and Tera notes the lightweight feel as one of her favorite attributes.

But how is the ride?
All runners find the F50 2 to have a smooth ride, and an easy heel-to-toe transition that works well for heel strikers and midfoot strikers alike. In terms of responsiveness, the F50 runs middle of the road with what most testers agree is "moderately good energy return". Multiple runners note that at first the shoe feels firm and springy underfoot, but then softens up after a few miles, becoming a bit less responsive on the road.

A bit roomy
The F50 2 has a roomy fit, mainly in the forefoot and heel. While the length is standard, the midfoot does have a good amount of extra room, which can be a blessing or a curse depending on your foot shape. The wide heel has also proved problematic for some; multiple runners have issues with heel slippage, especially on faster runs. Others were able to negate this with a quick cinch-down of the laces, and had no issues with hot-spots or slippage.

Overall, the many changes to the F50 2 bring pros and cons to this updated shoe. The wide fit works well for some, but can be problematic for others, especially those with narrow feet. The F50 2 maintains its fast feel and smooth ride, with additional support to keep feet in line during long miles.


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