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Asics Gel NoosaFast Product Review

Short Take

A lightweight racer capable of marathon duty, the Asics Gel NoosaFast is a nimble option for both competitive roadies and tri-geeks.

Big Features

  • Seamless Upper: A no-sew upper design lacks overlays for flexibility and reduced friction over the foot for an irritation-free fit.
  • Quick Drainage: Vents in the midsole allow for quick and easy drainage of fluids for runners dumping water on themselves during races.

Road Test

The Gel NoosaFast is one of Asics’ latest racing flats, a part of their reworked Speed collection for 2013. Continuing from where the pedigreed Hyper Speed has left off, the NoosaFast is designed to meet the needs of road racers and triathletes alike.

Upon our first wear of the NoosaFast, testers were immediately impressed with the seamless upper design; without overlays, the shoe is able to deliver a snug performance fit without being constrictive. Underneath, a Solyte platform offers a smooth and protective ride that should carry runners to the half-marathon distance, or even a full for the more efficient types.

Now to the important part - how does the NoosaFast stack up next to its supposed predecessor, the Hyper Speed 5? We found the cushioning on the NoosaFast to be softer and a bit less resilient than that of the Hyper Speed. Overall, we liked the seamless design of the NoosaFast’s upper, and a slight decrease in weight makes the newcomer a formidable option for speedwork and race day.

Runners Say


“I was originally worried that the high heel tab would rub against the Achilles tendon, but luckily I didn’t notice any irritation or discomfort from it while running.”


“A good racing flat for sure. I’d like to see this available alongside the Hyper Speed as more of an alternative than a replacement.”


“The NoosaFast upper is a winner – the seamless design makes for a nice close-to-foot fit suitable for sockless wear.”