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Altra Lone Peak 1.5 Product Review

Short Take

Bold new looks, same great shoe: the Altra Lone Peak 1.5 offers the same protective yet natural running experience of the original version.

Big Updates

  • Brand New Upper: Aside from sporting bold new colors, the upper loses a few overlays for a more flexible fit.
  • Improved Fit: Increased room on the lateral size of the toebox means that this shoe will fit a wider variety of foot shapes more comfortably.
  • Carryover Platform: The cushioned, zero-drop platform is unchanged from the original, complete with a TPU rock plate in the midfoot.

Trail Test

Altra’s Lone Peak gets its first update, and despite its bold new appearance, fans of the rugged natural running shoe will be happy to hear that changes are minimal – the Lone Peak 1.5 remains a rugged option for those seeking a natural running experience.

Though the Lone Peak 1.5 is one of only a few zero offset trail shoes with a good amount of cushioning on the market, it still offers a fairly responsive ride. Testers agreed that the midsole soaked up both impact and debris on the trail, while the midfoot rock plate reduced painful surprises from more substantial hazards.

Our favorite change in the newest Lone Peak is the fit. Added volume at the front of the toebox provides relief for runners whose toes felt scrunched in the previous model. This small tweak makes the shoe accessible to more runners, though those who liked the fit of the older model will still find plenty of width in the forefoot for natural toe splay.

Runners Say


“This isn’t the most nimble trail shoe available, but the rugged and protective construction of the shoe made technical terrain a lot less of a hassle.”


“The gaiter attachment at the heel is a nice touch. It shows that no detail was overlooked in updating this shoe – it’s what you want for taking on all types of tricky terrain. “


“This shoe is a nice improvement over its predecessor. It retains the same feel on the trail while delivering a better overall running experience.”