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Altra Adam Product Review

Short Take

The Adam (Men's) and Eve (Women's) give you a practically barefoot experience with just a bit of protection from the grit and grime you'll encounter on pavement.

Big Features

  • Deceptively Simple Upper: For an upper that creates a “barely there” feel, the Adam offers many features, including breathable stretch fabric along with midfoot overlays and velcro straps for a secure and custom fit.
  • Foot-Shaped Fit: Not surprisingly in a minimal shoe, the Adam's outsole and upper are designed to encourage natural foot movement.
  • Minimal Outsole: The Baresole outsole is made of siped performance rubber for a flexible and natural feel.
  • Extra Insoles: Choose to run in the Adam without an insole or select the Support insoles (for 5mm of extra padding and a molded arch) or the Strengthen insoles (for 3mm of extra padding and a flat arch).

Road Test

Take one look at the Adam and you should know you're in for a hard ride. This shoe offers no cushioning of any kind (unless you slip in one of the provided insoles), and it was a tough transition for some of our testers' sensitive feet. Testers with a little more barefoot experience and those who love ground feel felt right at home in this model.

For true believers in the barefoot experience, the Adam offers all the features you could want. Or is it none of the features you don't want? The upper is snug without feeling constricting and the outsole moves freely with your foot.

After trying it on, a few testers were interested in using the Adam as a foot strengthening training tool on very short runs. That's a good application, and the shoe also could be used for more regular workouts once a runner feels properly conditioned.

Runners Say


This shoe won't win any beauty contests, but it's surprisingly comfortable and gives a nice grounded feel for the road.


I had a tough time getting the velcro straps to tighten up in the right places, but other than that the shoe fits comfortably.


For the person who appreciates barefoot running, this shoe offers protection from the dangers of road debris and doesn't ask you to give up much in return.