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Adidas AdiStar Salvation 3 Product Review

Short Take

The Adidas Salvation 3 deserves a try on if you’re a average-to-heavy runner who overpronates. Your feet will thank you for the cushion and support.

Big Updates

  • Lighter Weight: Both the Men’s and Women’s Salvation 3 lose about an ounce compared to the prior version.
  • Gender-Specific Designs: Men’s and Women’s models have different visuals, with subtle functional changes such as a specially designed mid/outsole in the Women’s model that offers added flex grooves in the heel and forefoot.

Road Test

If you’ve run in enough shoes, you probably remember a model or two that felt like it was crafted out of a single piece of sturdy material. According to our testers, the Salvation 3 is one of those shoes.

Expect a very protective ride in the Salvation 3, with good shock absorption that never feels pillowy. Heel strikers can count on a very progressive touch-down and a good amount of spring on toe-off. In fact, the transition in this shoe almost feels like it’s on power assist. The Salvation 3 isn’t going to rocket your foot forward, but it does feel like it’s doing some of the work of forward momentum for you, a product of its firmer ride and energy transition from heel to forefoot.

The upper is a luxurious place for your foot to do its thing, with a very roomy fit but still enough structure to hold you on the platform. The padded heel collar hugs your heel but the fit of the shoe opens up considerably from there. Given the extensive overlays, premium materials and technologies throughout, the Salvation 3 remains a heavy shoe, even after dropping an ounce from the prior model. Still, testers felt that Adidas deserves a lot of credit for dumping bucketfuls of technology into the Salvation 3 while still creating a responsive, energetic experience for the runner who needs a bit more shoe underfoot.

Runners Say


Don’t let the heavy, bulky feel right out of the box fool you. Put the shoe on and you’ll find a pretty smooth ride with good energy to keep you moving forward.


Few other running brands make shoes with the build quality of Adidas. I can see these shoes handling a lot of weight and a lot of miles.


I liked the width throughout the shoe, and didn't feel a single hotspot in the comfortable upper.