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adidas supernova Sequence 5 Product Review

Short Take

A trainer built for high mileage protection and support, the adidas supernova Sequence 5 treats the runner with an accommodating upper and a smooth ride.

Big Updates

  • Wider Forefoot: A new last gives the Sequence 5 increased volume in the forefoot for a roomier fit.
  • Increased Traction: The addition of Continental rubber to high impact areas gives the shoe more grip in both wet and dry conditions.
  • Lighter Weight: A slight drop in weight from the Sequence 4 places this version at 11.3 oz (Men’s size 9) and 10.4 oz (Women’s size 8).

Road Test

Out of the box, the Sequence 5’s midsole under the forefoot felt overly stiff for our tastes. Runners with narrower heels actually felt the shoe prying itself off the foot during toe-off due to its refusal to flex with the foot. Fortunately, the midsole developed a bit of give after several runs, giving us more forefoot flex and better runability. The Pro-Moderator system delivers moderate pronation support without preventing a smooth transition, and the shoe’s massive decoupled heel supplied copious cushioning upon heel strike.

We had lots to love about the upper on the Sequence 5. The forefoot is roomy, easily able to fit a wider foot. The 3-stripes logo through the midfoot clamps down on the foot for a secure fit. The tongue is quite padded, reducing any discomfort from the laces, while its low height allows for a wide range of ankle motion. One drawback to the upper is its somewhat abrasive interior; this probably isn’t the best shoe for barefoot running.

Despite losing some weight in this update, the Sequence 5 remains a pretty beefy trainer - if speed is what you crave, this probably isn’t your best option. That said, this shoe has the cushioning and support to make it a good choice for grinding out the long miles.

Runners Say


The decoupled heel definitely helps disperse the shock of initial ground impact, making for a smoother transition from heel to toe.


The upper on the Sequence 5 is much more roomy and comfortable than the previous version. A drop in weight adds to the pros too. A fan of the Sequence 4 should be equally happy if not happier in the 5.


Nice, resilient cushioning in this shoe give it a lively ride.