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adidas adizero XT 4 Product Review

Short Take

Combining the quickness of a road racing shoe with serious off road traction, the adidas adizero XT 4 flies over gnarly terrain and technical trails.

Big Features

  • Moderate heel to toe offset: A 6mm differential promotes mid to forefoot striking and running up on your toes, giving the shoe a fast feel.
  • Aggressive outsole design: Sizeable lugs provide incredible traction on a wide variety of terrain and are spaced apart to prevent the buildup of mud.

Trail Test

Our testers jumped at the opportunity to try out the adizero XT 4, both for its bold design and trail performance heritage. With an upper and midsole reminiscent of a performance road shoe, yet with lugs serious enough to conquer the most unforgiving terrain, we knew we were in for some high performance trail running.

The XT 4 feels fast, responsive and flexible. The low platform and moderate heel to toe offset deliver good ground feel, but you still get a nice amount of protection from the midsole cushioning. The flexible midsole is snappy and responsive, giving the shoe an exceptional toe off and adding propulsion to every step.

The outsole’s massive lugs inspired confidence with testers. This shoe has no problem tackling a wide variety of trail types, and the sticky outsole rubber ensures great traction when things get wet. We were impressed by the placement of the lugs throughout the outsole, positioned to avoid pressure points on the foot for lasting comfort on longer trail runs.

The XT 4 features a snug fit, without being constrictive or uncomfortable. This minimizes in-shoe foot movement and provides a feeling of security, so that running full speed ahead is the only thing on your mind.

Runners Say


The platform under the heel felt a bit narrow. Normally that would cause me to worry on downhills, but the lugs provide such good grip that I felt plenty secure.


Aggressive, technical trails come to mind when running in the XT 4. This shoe has enough grip to tackle anything you throw at it.


The lugs on the outsole feel like an extension of your foot. They make you aware of their traction with each step, increasing your confidence over rough terrain.