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Brooks Ghost 5 Product Review

Short Take

As a high-mileage neutral trainer, the Brooks Ghost 5 is sure to please, offering a protective, cushioned ride with a smooth transition.

Big Updates

  • Full Length Crash Pad: A segmented mid/outsole runs the full length of the shoe, providing a smooth, uninterrupted ride.
  • Reduced Weight: Both Men’s and Women’s versions drop a few ounces in weight, to 10.9oz (Men’s size 9) and 9.8oz (Women’s size 8).

Road Test

Cushioning is the cornerstone of the Ghost 5. We expected a good deal of impact protection in this high mileage trainer, and it delivered. Though not the softest cushioning, testers found it to be resilient over longer distances, and the firmness of the midsole through the forefoot added to the shoe’s responsiveness.

Testers agreed that the ride of the Ghost 5 is undeniably smooth. The crash pad extends into the forefoot, providing full ground contact that creates a silky transition from heel to toe.

The upper does a great job of holding the foot in comfort. We found the upper to be spacious in both the forefoot and the heel. Runners with a wider foot will be well accommodated by the Ghost 5, but even those runners with an average foot volume were able to tighten the laces for a tight and secure fit through the midfoot.

It’s easy to see why the Ghost has been one of Brooks’ top sellers since its introduction in 2008. Though the Ghost 5 is not the quickest, lightest, or most agile running shoe, it does offer long-lasting cushioning and a padded upper for high mileage training.

Runners Say


I liked the versatility of this shoe. It’s built for high mileage, but it can keep up when you pick up the pace, too.


To me this shoe is a little better suited for heel striking over midfoot striking with all the heel cushioning. Both foot strikes, however, resulted in a nice, smooth ride.


This shoe hits the sweet spot of cushioning, not too firm, but not too mushy either.