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Brooks Green Silence Product Review

Short Take

The Brooks Green Silence excels in at least two ways: it’s a fast and flexible racing flat and it’s better for the environment than almost any other running shoe.

Big Features

  • Lightweight: When the Green Silence originally launched in September 2010, the 7.2 oz weight (Men’s 9) was amazingly light. Even now, with all running shoes getting lighter, the Green Silence remains on the lighter end of its class.
  • Biodegradable Midsole: The Green Silence introduced BioMoGo to the Brooks lineup, a midsole foam technology that’s now been integrated into most of the company’s other running shoe models.
  • Mesh Upper with Minimal Overlays: Both to keep the shoe light and reduce materials, the mesh upper is constructed to provide structure and breathability, with only a few overlays by the heel, midfoot and toe.
  • Other Environmental Chops: Feel good knowing that 75% of the materials in the Green Silence are post-consumer recycled, water-based adhesives are used throughout, dyes and colorants are non-toxic, and even the packaging is doing its part - it’s 100% post-consumer recycled.

Road Test

First off, let’s give Brooks major credit for leading the way and putting together a running shoe with a dramatically improved eco “footprint.” This achievement is even more impressive in light of the fact that the shoe they produced - the Green Silence - has some serious performance chops to boot.

Testers had many positive remarks about the midsole feel of this shoe. The soft platform makes for a comfortable ride, but still gives the shoe a very lightweight feel. Several testers wished they felt a little more “grounded” in the platform, rather than feeling that their foot was resting on top of it. Part of that sensation is because of the extremely low arch, along with the flat and somewhat wider forefoot. One tester also noted that the heel did not cradle his foot and instead felt built up or convex. But the fairly flat-feeling platform can be an asset for the runner who wants a minimalist-type shoe that interferes less with the foot’s natural movement.

The upper has a close feel but is still a bit more generous than other racing flats on the market, particularly in the forefoot. Testers really liked the tongue design, which folds below the medial fabric of the shoe. They also appreciated the asymmetrical lacing, which gives the midfoot a very customized fit.

There’s a lot to like in the Green Silence for all you speedy, environmentally sensitive runners out there. In the near future, we hope to see more choices from other brands for runners who want more earth-conscious running shoes.

Runners Say


It seems to me that the good mojo these shoes bring to the table have to translate into better running. A great choice for neutral runners who put a lot of stock in the spiritual side of the sport.


Cushioning felt good with a midfoot strike, but a little too firm for me when heel striking.


The lacing is very flexible, allowing you to customize the midfoot volume.