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Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14 Product Review

Short Take

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14 continues to provide overpronators with a simple, low-frills shoe that packs the support and the high mileage cushioning they need.

Big Updates

  • Improved Upper Mesh: A new open mesh improves breathability and feels softer around the foot for lasting comfort.
  • Improved Support:A more substantial saddle wraps around the midfoot for a more supportive fit.
  • Continuous Ground Contact: Brooks filled in the lateral side of the midfoot shank for uninterrupted ground contact from heel to toe, giving the shoe a smoother transition.

Road Test

Considering that the Adrenaline GTS is a continual bestseller for Brooks, its rare for the shoe to see many changes from update to update. The 14th version is predictably free of any dramatic alterations, though we do see a few small tweaks that should improve the fit and feel of this popular maximum support trainer.

Probably the most noticeable change in this update is an upgraded mesh in the upper, which delivers a plush feel over the foot. The fit is fairly average, though testers did find the midfoot to be on the snug side, though a wide version of the shoe yields a bit extra volume for those who need it.

Underfoot, the Adrenaline offers the same cushioned feel as versions prior. Brooks’ proprietary DNA material offers a personalized feel, firming up nicely when picking up the pace for a little bit more responsiveness. The midsole should deliver plenty of protection for run of any distance, and is more than sufficient for high mileage training.

Over previous seasons, Brooks has transitioned their shoes to a continuous ground contact by extending the crash pad through the midfoot. This change has finally caught up to the Adrenaline, treating runners to a smoother feel when advancing past footstrike. Also, expect the full ground contact to make the Adrenaline a friendly option for runners of all footstrikes.

The Adrenaline GTS may be a low-frills shoe, lacking any of the fancy new features that we see in more premium models. For the runner looking for a solid trainer with a good amount of support, though, the Adrenaline GTS delivers, and that’s what counts.

Runners Say


“The Adrenaline GTS continues to be the Adrenaline GTS. Fans of previous versions should have little reason to have to find a different shoe with this update.”


“The new mesh is a nice improvement over previous versions of the Adrenaline. It gives the shoe a plusher feel over the foot, something you’d expect from a more premium shoe.”


“The most criticism the Adrenaline has received in the past has been due to lack of color. Seems that Brooks has listened now that several color options are available with the GTS 14.”