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Brooks PureCadence Product Review

Short Take

Want a lighter and lower trainer with a touch of pronation support? Brooks PureCadence deserves to be on your list.

Big Features

  • Pronation Support: While this shoe is not right for the serious pronator, it does offer what Brooks calls a Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB), which is designed to reduce excess pronation.
  • Variable Cushioning: Brooks blended their BioMoGo midsole material and DNA gel cushioning material into the midsole, creating a ride that's cush at low speed and firm at a faster clip.
  • Low Offset: Like all the PureProject shoes released to date, the PureCadence sports a 5mm heel-to-toe drop that encourages more of a midfoot strike pattern.
  • “Ideal” Heel: Brooks designed the PureProject line with a curved heel. Testing shows that this design can move the runner's foot strike forward by a few millimeters.
  • Secure Fit: Another PureProject feature, the Nav Band that spans the midfoot keeps you fastened to the platform.

Road Test

The PureCadence is the PureProject shoe for you if you need a little bit of pronation support. Instead of using a midsole post (denser material) in the arch area, the PureCadence is built on a two-piece DNA/BioMoGo midsole with a firmer, medially-angled piece to provide support. It's a similar design to the Nike Lunar line.

Like Nike Lunar shoes, the PureCadence doesn't offer enough pronation support for moderate to severe pronators, but it helped many of our testers feel more stable at speed, especially compared to other PureProject shoes.

Beyond the pronation control, the PureCadence features all of the other hallmarks of the PureProject line, including a ride that firms up at speed, a comfortable upper, and a platform that encourages a midfoot strike. It's a combination that has at least one of our testers regularly using this shoe for interval training and tempo runs. The PureCadence is easily comfortable enough to be used for races up to marathon distance.

Runners Say


The PureCadence made it easy for me to stay with a midfoot strike. It was just a bit too low in the toebox, but the midfoot fits great.


I really appreciate the balance of cushion and firmness in the PureCadence and all the Pure shoes for that matter. The PureCadence feels very stable, similar to the PureFlow.


I've been using this shoe for interval training. It works well with my foot – I like the firm ride and the low offset.