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Brooks PureConnect Product Review

Short Take

The Brooks PureConnect is a top choice if you want to get in touch with the road in a lightweight shoe that still offers cushioning and protection.

Big Features

  • Variable Cushioning: Brooks blended their BioMoGo midsole material and DNA gel cushioning material into the midsole, creating a ride that's cush at low speed and firm at a faster clip.
  • Low Offset: Like all the PureProject shoes released to date, the PureConnect sports a 5mm heel-to-toe drop that encourages more of a midfoot strike pattern.
  • “Ideal” Heel: Brooks designed the PureProject line with a curved heel. Testing shows that this design can move the runner's foot strike forward by a few millimeters.
  • Secure Fit: Another PureProject feature, the Nav Band that spans the midfoot keeps you fastened to the platform.

Road Test

Since you're considering the PureConnect, you're in the market for a light, nimble running shoe. Our testers, not to mention many of our customers, had a lot of positive things to say about the PureConnect. Where to start?

Well, the upper offers one of the most “glove-like” fits in the running category. This was a positive for most testers – the snug fit helps the shoe to feel like it's a part of your foot. The only area that felt just a touch too cramped for some of our testers was the midfoot. Their feedback was that the shoe's higher arch takes up a bit of room that would be better reserved for your actual foot.

The midsole features the BioMoGo/DNA blend that extends throughout the PureProject line. This uniform midsole creates a very smooth transition, and while the shoe won't be confused with a pillowy high-mileage trainer, there's more cushion here than you might expect. Note that if you're not a supinator or very neutral runner, this shoe may not give you the support you need if you use it as a daily trainer.

To shave weight, Brooks strategically placed areas of blown rubber on the outsole. It's a good idea, but one tester noticed areas of wear in the heel and toe, where the unprotected midsole came in repeated contact with the ground. We haven't heard of problematic wear patterns on this shoe in general.

In total, the PureConnect successfully re-envisions what a lightweight training/racing shoe can be.

Runners Say


Brooks nailed the fit of the upper on this shoe. It almost feels molded to my foot. I'm a bit of a pronator so the ride didn't quite feel stable enough for me, but it was smooth.


Very comfortable forefoot and cushioning, but for me the arch support was too pronounced. It feels like the middle of the shoe is the highest point.


Definitely a firm shoe. I would like a touch more protection underfoot for anything longer than a few miles.