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Mizuno Wave Creation 13 Product Review

Short Take

Ideal for the neutral runner who wants to train in bliss without being completely divorced from the road, the Creation 13 is ready to go the distance.

Big Updates

  • Lighter Weight: The Men's version drops over 0.5 oz to 12.3 oz (size 9), while the change on the Women's side is less drastic – a 0.2 oz reduction, to 10.1 oz (size 8).
  • Same Sole: The mid/outsole of the Creation 13 is identical to the one used on the Creation 12, which means that changes were made to the design of the upper only.
  • Gender Engineering: Like many of Mizuno's models, the Creation 13 is designed with gender-specific attributes such as a wider base in the Men's model and additional flex grooves in the Women's version.

Road Test

Sporty roadster this ain't, but it's no luxury barge either. Mizuno loads up their premium-feature shoe with plenty of technology for a result that skews into the plush end of the spectrum while still providing some road feel.

This is one of those shoes that feels heavy in hand but pretty light on the foot, especially for a maximum feature shoe. Chalk up that light feel to the springy heel, which puts a nice amount of bounce in your step. A few testers felt that the transition from the wave plate in the heel to the more traditional forefoot mid/outsole combination was noticeable and a bit awkward, but felt much smoother at a running pace than at a walking pace.

We think the strut technology appeals to runners who want to show off their running tech, along with heavier runners who want a sturdy cushioning system that is likely to hold up well under weight over the long haul.

In the complaints department, there were a few comments about the arch. Both Daniel and Matt noted that the arch felt slightly too high and just a bit too far back in the shoe. And given that no changes were made to the mid/outsole compared to the Creation 12, the mixed feedback we heard regarding durability of the outsole's rubber material (some saw it wearing out after only a few hundred miles, others traveled much farther) is likely to continue.

Runners Say


It's not quite as bold as the Prophecy from last year, but this shoe is definitely still a conversation starter. The thing I like is that the Creation's mid/outsole isn't a gimmick – it's the product of research into better cushioning technologies.


The struts in the rear should hold up well for heavier runners in particular who want long-lasting cushion.


Mizuno packed a lot of technology into this shoe, but I think it all works together. The shoe feels like a package that was designed for maximum plushness all around on the road.