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Mizuno Wave Evo Cursoris Product Review

Short Take

For the runner seeking a natural ride with a bit of underfoot cushioning, the Mizuno Wave Evo Cursoris is a zero-drop design without the bare-bones feel.

Big Features

  • Redeployed Wave Tech: Mizuno has taken its tried and true Wave technology and applied it in the forefoot for added impact protection during a mid- to forefoot strike.
  • Wide Forefoot: A wide toebox allows for toe splay, and a broad platform gives the runner a stable platform through toe-off.
  • Zero Drop: According to our measurements, the stack height comes in at 18mm in both the forefoot and the heel.

Road Test

The Wave Evo Cursoris, along with the Wave Evo Levitas, is Mizuno’s approach to the zero-drop running shoe. Applying Mizuno’s Wave technology to the forefoot, the Cursoris is optimized for the runner landing on their mid- to forefoot.

The Cursoris offers a fairly firm ride as expected in a shoe of its category. It does, however, feel more protective and cushioned than many other zero drop shoes, and testers were easily able to take on longer runs without issue.

The upper features an unstructured toebox, offering a slipper-like fit over the forefoot. The shoe is built with an anatomical shape, allowing for moderate toe-splay, though a snug midfoot saddle and heel keep the foot securely in place.

As a shoe that allows the foot to do its thing while retaining a fair amount of padding underneath, the Cursoris makes an excellent choice for runners seeking a natural running experience without the hard pounding of many other options available.

Runners Say


“Typically, zero drop shoes aren’t protective enough for me to get in more than a few miles. With the more cushioned Cursoris, I was easily able to go on longer runs without any problems.”


“Though the seamless upper around the toebox feels great over the foot, the stitching at the base of the laces did cause some irritation during sockless wear.”


“As a midfoot runner, I haven’t been able to take full advantage of Mizuno’s Wave technology up until now. With the Cursoris, I’ve been impressed by the padded underfoot feel.”