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New Balance 1080 v2 Product Review

Short Take

Like your runs on the fancy side? The New Balance 1080 v2 offers responsive cushioning in a premium package.

Big Updates

  • Updated Cushioning Tech: The 1080 v2 features N2 cushioning (replacing N-ergy) contained in Acteva Lite midsole foam (replacing ABZORB FL). These tech updates keep the ride soft while reducing weight.
  • Lighter Weight: Both Men's and Women's versions of the 1080 v2 are about an ounce lighter than the original.
  • New Last: The 1080 v2 is built on the "natural" PL-1 last, which is constructed to closely contour to the foot for a running-specific fit.
  • Lower Drop: Now sporting an 8mm heel-to-toe drop, the 1080 v2 has a more level platform.

Road Test

The 1080 v2 packs in a lot of plushness, technology and style, but some testers had trouble getting situated in the shoe. Some thought that the heel felt snug, others found it a little sloppy. The forefoot generally fit well, but most testers found too much room in the midfoot. The 1080 v2 is a great option for runners with higher volume feet.

So how does it run? The 1080 v2 doesn’t skimp on cushioning, but it's not the kind of floaty cushion you might find on the Asics Nimbus or Nike Vomero. Instead, the cushioning is a bit firmer, allowing you to feel a more connection with the road and giving a nice bit of responsiveness when you hit the toe-off phase of your run. A few testers noted that the lateral heel feels a bit built up. If you pronate even a little bit, the 1080 v2 might not be the best match for you.

With a lower drop than the previous model, we expected an improved ride for midfoot strikers. But the shoe definitely still feels engineered primarily for heel strikers. Landing and liftoff during a midfoot strike was just not as smooth as we thought it would be.

The 1080 v2 is a high-quality neutral running shoe that's packed with technology but never feels overstuffed when put through its paces.

Runners Say


Smooth transition when heel striking. Doesn't feel particularly heavy or light to me - just gets the job done.


I liked the fit overall. A little too generous in the midfoot. Lacing them tighter solves the problem, but leaves you with too much lace flopping around.


Not as smooth as I would have hoped while midfoot striking - this shoe definitely best suits the heelstriker.