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New Bakance RC5000 Product Review

Short Take

An ultra-light racing flat, the New Balance RC5000 is the number to know for top athletes who want a touch of cushion for track training and races up to 10K.

Big Features

  • Lightweight Foam Midsole: The RC5000 uses RevLite, an innovative foam compound that provides lightweight, responsive cushioning.
  • Featherweight Upper: A skeletally engineered upper without overlays keeps the foot anchored in place while also flexing with the foot’s natural movement.
  • High Traction Outsole: Rubber grips are strategically placed to provide grip and added durability.

Road Test

The RC5000 is a feather-light racing flat tipping the scales at just about 3 ounces in both Men's and Women's models. Testers found the shoe to deliver excellent performance in both track and road settings. The RC5000's super light feel gives it plenty of get up and go, and it provides enough cushioning for harder surfaces without adding a weight penalty.

The upper of the RC5000 has a "barely-there" feel, and even though it's on the narrower side, the materials are forgiving. Some testers did not like the thin laces, which can slip easily if they're not double-knotted. Testers did like the clean look and the quality of materials used. They sized down a half size since the shoe runs a bit long.

The RC5000 is an extraordinarily light and responsive shoe. It's a good choice for track workouts or road racing, particularly the 5k, and its form-fitting upper just helps you feel that much faster.

Runners Say


The RC5000 is a racing shoe I get excited about. It's snug yet supple with great traction, and it allows me to feel lightweight and aggressive on the road. Can't beat the sweet colors too.


The New Balance RC5000 is a great choice to get the lightweight feel of racing spikes with a little added leg protection during early season long distance races.


Super light and super fast. Don't expect to get many miles out of it though - this is strictly a race day shoe.