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Nike Free 5.0+ Product Review

Short Take

New name, same great shoe. The Nike Free 5.0+ is a compromise between traditional and minimal, combining lightweight flexibility and impact protection.

Big Updates

  • New Name: The Free Run reverts back to the Nike Free numbering system, giving it some continuity with the rest of the Free collection.
  • Dynamic Flywire: Nike applied their favorite midfoot saddle system to the shoe for a more secure and personalized wrap around the foot.
  • Carryover Platform: The mid/outsole of the Free Run+ 3 carries over to the Free 5.0+ for a flexible and cushioned ride.

Road Test

For runners looking to break away from the mold of the traditional running shoe, there have been few more popular options than the Nike Free Run. Now called the Nike Free 5.0+, fans will be pleased to find little change waiting in this update.

Nike designed the Free 5.0+ to sit halfway in between a traditional shoe and bare foot. The shoe retains plenty of cushioning underfoot and a soft ride while allowing the foot to do its own thing through the gait cycle. Consider this shoe a more flexible and lighter weight alternative to your everyday trainer, suitable as a daily trainer or as a foot-strengthening tool to supplement your normal shoe regimen.

The one alteration to this Free model is in the upper. The Dynamic Flywire provides a more adaptive midfoot fit, accommodating a greater range of foot shapes. The fit does remain close around the foot, though. Runners with higher volume feet may want to consider sizing up.

Runners Say


“The differences in this update are pretty negligible. If you liked the Free Run+ 3, I’m certain you’ll like the Free 5.0+.”


“This shoe definitely fits on the snug side. With minimal seams inside, it can easily be worn with our without socks though.”


“The Free 5.0+ is pretty versatile – I like it as a tool to build foot strength but it is protective enough to serve as an everyday shoe as well.”