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Newton MV2 Product Review

Short Take

A racing flat that gets you up on your feet, the MV2 has a 0mm offset and lugs on the outsole for added forefoot cushioning.

Big Features

  • Action/Reaction Technology: The forefoot lugs act like springs beneath your metatarsals, cushioning your landing while also releasing energy during toe-off for added propulsion.
  • 5 Drainage Holes: Located in the forefoot of the shoe, the drainage holes are a nice feature for marathons, Ironmans, Half Ironmans, and other long races in hot conditions where you might be dumping water on yourself to stay cool.
  • Open Mesh Upper: With minimal overlays, this upper is all about breathability and lightness.

Road Test

The MV2 is unlike any other racing flat on the market. Not surprisingly, the two things that make it stand out – its 0 mm offset and forefoot lugs – are what give this shoe its own special character.

Testers found it pretty easy to settle into the zero drop platform, especially since the shoe guides your foot into a mid- or forefoot strike. The lightweight upper felt comfortable for most, but one tester found it to be just a bit too roomy.

The forefoot lugs are the most polarizing feature of this shoe. Every tester commented that the lugs felt strange at first, and some never quite got used to them. But for the runner who wants to go fast while going flat, the Newton MV2 is a well-designed package for a variety of distances.

Runners Say


I wasn't prepared to like this shoe as much as I did. I appreciate the science and research behind the zero drop idea and behind Newton's technology.


For a racing flat, the MV2 gives me a bit too much room. I'd like a closer fit in the upper, particularly in the forefoot.


Probably the only shoe I've worn with a negative heel-to-toe drop. Feels awkward while standing around, but it's tailor-made for forefoot striking while running.