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Saucony Hattori LC Product Review

Short Take

With the addition of laces, the Hattori LC is a better fitting version of Saucony’s original near-barefoot shoe that’s easier to slip on your foot.

Big Features

  • Lacing System: The addition of a traditional lacing system aids with ease of entry and increases midfoot adjustability.
  • Updated Fit: Increased volume in the toebox and through the midfoot accommodates a wider variety of foot shapes.
  • Carryover Platform: This new model retains the mid/outsole of the original Hattori, providing the same zero drop, near-barefoot ride.

Road Test

Released in May 2011, the Hattori is Saucony’s entry in the near-barefoot running market. The Hattori LC keeps the ride the same, but oh what a difference the addition of laces makes to this shoe (which originally used Velcro closures across the instep and heel).

The Velcro closure of the original Hattori made it a bit tough for some runners to put the shoe on and adjust the fit. But the addition of traditional laces alleviates both difficulties, giving us the ability to tighten and loosen the shoe as we pleased.

Though the laces are a big attraction, another improvement comes in the overall fit of the shoe. Saucony increased the volume of the Hattori LC, and this extra room is most notable in the toebox and midfoot. We found this to make the Hattori LC more comfortable that the original shoe, which many of us found to be a bit too constrictive. The added volume didn’t make the shoe feel loose, as the laces and the addition of a few overlays ensure a secure fit.

Of course, add more features to a lightweight shoe and you’re going to bump up the ounces. But Saucony did a great job of keeping things light with a weight increase of less than half an ounce for both the Men’s and Women’s versions. The Hattori LC retains the design intent of the original and in our minds (not to mention our feet) executes on the intent even better than the original in many ways.

Runners Say


“The Hattori LC is much wider in the forefoot than the original. I was barely able to get my foot into the Hattori; the LC is much more comfortable.”


“The laces completely change the character of this shoe - in my opinion, for the better.”


“This shoe has a little bit of padding to it. Definitely not a long run shoe for me, but I could see myself doing shorter, easy runs in the Hattori.”