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Saucony PowerGrid Triumph 9

What's the deal?

The Triumph 9 is now lighter and lower to the ground than ever before. Runners praise the 8mm stack height that promotes a more forward footstrike and smooth heel-to-toe ride. Found to be plush and well-padded, the new Powergrid midsole also provides good energy return and spring on the road, though some are left wanting by its less flexible platform. Wider in the forefoot, and longer overall, this shoe offers ample room for toe splay, though it may be too much room for some runners. Luxuriously padded and loaded with features, the Triumph 9 is a shoe that will take you the extra mile in extra comfort.

New to this model: 

    •    1oz lighter in weight from previous model
    •    8mm heel-to-toe drop compared to last model's 12mm heel-to-toe drop
    •    wider midsole/outsole platform in the forefoot and heel
    •    new Powergrid cushioning technology reduces weight and offers a softer smoother ride
    •    Sauc-Fit lacing system secures the heel and collar independently for improved fit
    •    IBR+ rubber in the outsole is lighter and softer than previous blown rubber compound


Out on the road
The Triumph 9 is a maximum cushioned shoe built to take you those extra miles in extra comfort, and most agree the shoe does just that. Runners find it to be well-cushioned throughout, offering great protection from hard road surfaces, making it an excellent choice for longer distances. Lindsay notes "while running you feel very protected from the harsh ground" and Mary talks about the cushioned forefoot's "nice, luxurious feel" on the road.

How is the ride?
With its padded midsole and soft luxurious feel, the Triumph 9 also has surprisingly good energy return. Runners note its "plush yet springy ride" and several mention their surprise at how much bounce the shoe provides, even as a maximum cushioned shoe. In terms of weight, most runners find the shoe to be fairly light for its category. Lauren notes twice that "it feels surprisingly light for a maximum featured shoe."
While the shoe provides a springy ride, it does not have a particularly close feel for the ground. Several note feeling "distinctly separated from the road" while running. Another point of concern with the Triumph 9 is its relatively inflexible platform. The new Powergrid technology, while lighter and more cushioned, makes the shoe less flexible, particularly in the forefoot. Mary mentions that she has difficulty transitioning to faster speeds with the shoe's lack of flexibility.

New stack height offers a whole new world
All testers agree, the most noticeable difference between the Triumph 9 and older models proves to be the new 8mm stack height differential. Dropped by 4mm from the old model, the new stack height helps greatly in promoting a more forward footstrike. Runners praise the lower heel that brings them closer to the ground, noting that the Triumph's heel feels lighter and far less obtrusive than those of their traditional trainers, resulting in a smoother heel-to-toe transition. As Brent puts it, "this may become my daily trainer; its all in the new heel-to-toe drop."

A finicky fit
In fit, the Triumph 9 has mixed reviews. Found to be a bit longer overall and wider in the forefoot than the last model, some runners see these features as perks, while others do not. Larry notes "during a 13 mile run, plenty of room in the forefoot kept all my toes and toenails pain-free and happy." However, Lauren finds the shoe to be loose in the heel, and too wide in the forefoot for her comfort. Brent finds pros and cons, noting "Great heel design! It contours and grips my heel without being too tight. But the fit is long, nearly 1/2 size too long." In fact, multiple runners mention the toe box being a bit long, though the majority of testers find the fit to be standard. While the fit works well for some, those that fall on the lower cusp of a their shoe size might consider going down a 1/2 size in this shoe. 

Love all the extras
Many enjoy the extra perks on this maximum featured shoe, including the stretchy no-slip shoe laces and super soft tongue and heel collar. Brent praises the comfort of the memory-foam heel, and Mary notes "the stretchy shoe laces don't come untied during runs." These extra luxuries give the entire shoe a more appealing feel and experience on the road, as there is no need to stop and re-tie laces, and no heel-slippage or hot spots to take away from the focus of the run.

Overall, runners find this shoe to be well-padded and comfortable in fit, although somewhat inflexible and separated from the ground. Its smooth ride and relatively good energy return keeps runners comfortable through long miles, making this shoe a great choice for daily training and high mileage.

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