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Comments: For all the comments about the drop of these shoes, when running, they feel much flatter. I think it's the soft heel and the much firmer forefoot. The heel squishes down and then I feel more level at toe-off. So smooth like the previous versions. I'll miss this shoe but hopefully the Sayonara brings a similar ride with a little drop in weight. As for the colors, be glad they didn't put the Elixir paint job on this one. The blue looks good once it takes some dirt.
From: Nate, Des Moines IA

Comments: I bought these shoes for races instead of wearing the same old shoes, which is the Wave Rider. I'm a die hard Mizuno products guy, I think they make the best gear. These shoes are no exception. I have run 6 races so far and really like them. They are lightweight, soft, yet firm with plenty of room in the toe box and a more snug heel. They say you can wear these for distances up to and including a marathon but I'm a bigger (200+) runner so 10k is the max distance I will wear them. I'm quite satisfied with them.
From: John M., Hartford, CT, USA

Comments: Great shoe. Nice wide toebox but still fits great in the heel. Very light and responsive. Good cushioning but still have great feel. But the color... Well, it looks like Picasso threw up on my shoes. Good thing I run in the dark.
From: Tom, Lincoln, NE

Comments: Love these shoes. They perform great and look fantastic. What is wrong with some color in our running gear? Boring old white shoes that don't stay white just look...well...boring and dirty. Great job Mizuno.
From: Fred, Canada

Comments: I really like this shoe. It is the first shoe I have found that works for me. Perfect for race day or every day training. The only drawback is the shoe looks awful. You definitely stand out wearing these. Will probably buy a pair when the new color is available.
From: Matt, Cincinnati, OH

Comments: Ron's comments from Colorado were spot on. Great shoes, BUT the colorways are terrible. His discription was so funny "meltdown at a crayola factory" Bugsy Siegel's shoes with mom's lipstick. Come on Mizuno, you had some of the best looking shoes just a few years ago(Rider 13) and now you have some of the worst. Same for some of their apparel. But all their stuff performs great!!! Ron, thanks for the laughs.
From: Flip, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Comments: Fantastic version of the Precision. I had 3 pair of v10 and loved them but v11s didn't work for me and I ran off to another brand until the Precision 13 came out. These are back to the perfect formula, smooth, light, long lasting. Only one problem, the freakish color combo. Come on Mizuno. You have the ugliest shoes I've ever seen, when in 09 you had the best with the Ronin 2 and others. The Precision 13 looks like the aftermath of an awful meltdown at the Crayola factory. The cleanup crew would have shoes looking like this after doing their job there. It doesn't stop with the Precision. The latest Ronin 4 looks like Bugsy Siegel's shoes after his kids took their mom's lipstick and started coloring. Fantastic training and racing shoes with an apparent acid trip to thank for the colorways. I greatly reduced the gag factor on my Precision 13s by replacing the Bozo yellow laces with black Lock Laces. Better, but still embarrassing. Happy trails!
From: Ron, Vail Valley, Colorado

Comments: Been running with precisions for about five years. They almost lost me with the last model (12). Happy to say that 13 is back to what I love. That said - lucky I don't buy running shoes based on color. The scheme based on an unholy union of clown shoes and bowling shoes is repulsive.
From: Jerry, Nashville, TN, USA

Comments: Ever since I started running in Nike Free's, I just can't do Mizuno's any longer.  They feel like I'm running in a pair of dress shoes...
From: Rick, Fairfax, VA, USA

Comments: Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I bought these shoes on a whim, they got good reviews on Runner's World, Editor's Choice if I am not mistaken. Well I certainly won this time. These are by far my favorite running shoes, that I have ever owned. They are light, with just the right amount of cushion and firmness. I put these babies on and could just run and run and run. I may get another pair. I love the breathability of these shoes as well.
From: Matt, Jackson, Land Mass, United States

Comments: I just got these recently because they got good reviews on runner's world. I originally bought them a size too big, but running warehouse is awesome! Bummed that I had to wait a little longer to run in them, but it was well worth the wait. These bad boys are a wonderful ride. I was worried that they would be too stiff, but I really enjoy the firmness, you just feel faster in them even on easy runs. Light weight and responsive with the right amount of cushion and support. My favorite running shoes by far (please, don't tell my Brooks Pureconnect).
From: Anonymous

Comments: I've loved this shoe since the 7th iteration, but ever since number 10 came around, I've been praying that Mizuno would drop the heel on these just a little (say, to an 8mm differential?  the Adidas Aegis, too, I think would be a major hit with
similar modifications.) to make them accessible to a greater range of runners, including those like me who prefer to run in somewhat flatter, yet still comfortable, cushioned, and responsive shoes. These shoes definitely have the latter 3 going for
them, though!  A real pity I don't get to experience them anymore...
From: James, CA

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