Amphipod Xinglet Reflective Wear One Size Yellow

Amphipod Xinglet Reflective Wear One Size Yellow

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Model Number: 440

Made for the minimalist, the fully-adjustable Amphipod Xinglet Reflective Wear covers you with Hi-Viz Green and reflective silver accents for increased safety in low-light conditions.


  • Hi-Viz Green


  • Up to 50% more reflective area than most standard running reflective vests
  • Provides 360 degree reflectivity
  • Chafe-free breathable soft stretch construction for super ease of movement
  • Lightweight quick-clip for easy on/off


  • One size fits most: Adjustable for waist and height (XS-XL)

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is the simplest of the Xinglets by Amphipod. There are no pockets and no lights. I own two Xinglets. I have this one and I have the one with flashing front and back lights. Both are very light weight, but this one is more flexible. They both breath well, because for all intensive purposes, the middle part of the vest doesn't hug the body completely and thus air flows around the sides (this is good). The adjustments on both xinglets that I have are a piece of cake. It is very adjustible and very comfortable. If I had to buy only one Xinglet, I would just get the one with the LED lights. I thought for some reason that this would breathe better, but they both are imperceptibly light and breathe well.
From: Calvin Lee, Modesto, CA, USA

Comments: I like the design of this item, much less obtrusive than other running vests, but it's seriously flawed. After just two months of use, much of the reflective material had flaked off. I returned it for another one and experienced the same problem. A representative from Amphipod told me that the trouble was that I was hanging it up after use, causing the straps to stretch and damage the reflective coating. Excuse me? I can't hang up an article of running gear after using it? Bottom line: good idea -- but the most poorly engineered running accessory I have ever owned. Twice.
From: Rob, Glenmont, NY

Comments: I've had this vest for about a year and LOVE it. I use it for my 5am runs, as well as bike riding. I'm 5'2 and 120 pounds and I love how the vest adjusts to fit over a racerback tank, or when I'm biking to work I can put it over me AND my backpack. Sometimes I clip a flashing light on the back of it. It's really light weight - I never notice I'm wearing it. The undersides of the straps are soft and never chafe. I highly recommend it for runners, walkers, and bikers.
From: Anonymous, USA

Comments: I have been using this xinglet for about 3 months now.  I will start by saying that I am a big guy, running as part of a 'get health/lose weight' program.  At roughly 250lbs, the xinglet was a bit snug around the chest area.  There are no good views on this site, but be aware that this thing fits slightly below the rib cage or in that general area.  It DOES NOT fit down around the waist for the horizontal straps. 

So, I was going to send it back, but I decided to contact Amphipod and see if they would consider sending me some extra material so that I could do some mods to the straps.  I am happy to say that they were VERY responsive and supportive!  They sent me about 3' of material, free of charge, and were just so good natured about the whole thing!  I disconnected the existing material at the rear connector (see right most pic on this listing) and added about 6" on each side then reattached it.  Now this fits fine, and it is really nice to have it on.  I feel much better, and I can definitely see cars moving over slightly well ahead of time, so I know that this thing has improved visibility tremendously.   I even wear it when I run during the day.  It's comfortable, easy to adjust, and just an overall great purchase.   Thank you to RunningWearhouse for stocking items from such a great vendor as Amphipod.  I will definitely be purchasing more from this company!
From: Randy, Raleigh, NC, USA

Comments: I have been running in this for about 6-8 months. I love it, in that it is very lightweight and you barely notice it. I don't like is that after only 6-8 months of usage, it is no longer reflective. It seems that whatever makes it reflect light has disappeared from being repeatedly drenched in sweat. I never have washed or machine dried this, but it no longer serves its purpose.
From: Thomas, Clearfield, PA

Comments: Great reflective wear-very low profile so you don't really notice it on. Can go over anything. I'm a 5'6" 125lb female and I have 2 of the straps as tight as they will go when I'm wearing just a t-shirt under it, and that is tight enough to stay in place. I really like this "vest" and would highly recommend it.
From: Leah, Menomonie, WI