Pro-Tec IT Band Compression Wrap One Size

Pro-Tec IT Band Compression Wrap One Size

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Model Number: 1500

Don't let an irritated IT Band slow you down. Strap on the Pro-Tec IT Band Compression Wrap to help alleviate pain from Iliotibial Band Syndrome.


  • Black

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  • Applies targeted compression to help stabilize IT band
  • Includes compression pad for comfort and effectiveness


  • Small-Large (Up to 19")

            Circumference measured 3” above top of knee cap

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I used this product after persistent IT Band issues on my last few half marathons. What I can say is that it does work, but only to a certain degree. Essentially, it's like putting a bandaid over a gunshot wound, and should not take the place of proper rehab like stretching, foam roller, PT, etc. The most recent run I did with it was 24 miles, and it began to dig into/chaffe my skin pretty bad. Personally, I would use this in conjunction with other forms of treatment for ITB syndrome.
From: Adam, Denver, CO, USA

Comments: I have used this when IT flares up. It does seem to work. This brand works better than others. Material next to skin is like a wet suit and stays in place better than other brands i have used. Still slips down when you get sweaty, but better. A little anti-perspirant helps it stay better.
From: Tim

Comments: Just wanted to say that this band does work. My IT band has been jacked up for weeks. With the band my run is tolerable. I will use it for the Detroit Free Press marathon and dont think I could run without it. Your company is awesome and any sports needs will definitely come through you.
From: James, Royal Oak, Michigan US