Superfeet Men's Orange Insoles

Price: $40.45 MSRP: $45.00
Superfeet Men's Orange Insoles 7.5-9.0
In Stock: 4+
  • Insoles Sizes: Wms 9.0-10.5, Men's 7.0-8.5
Superfeet Men's Orange Insoles 9.5-11
In Stock: 4+
  • Insoles Sizes: Men's 9.0-10.5
Superfeet Men's Orange Insoles 11.5-13
In Stock: 4+
  • Insoles Sizes: Men's 11.0-12.5
Superfeet Men's Orange Insoles 13.5-15
In Stock: 3
  • Insoles Sizes: Men's 13.0-14.0


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Model Number: 7400

Designed to specifically fit the unique qualities of men's feet and footwear, the Superfeet Orange Insole is a great replacement that adds structure and provides shock absorption during impact.


  • Men's sizes: 7.5 - 15


  • Pair of insoles
  • Ideal for men with a medium to high arch
  • Centers heel, supports the foot and aligns the body, which takes stress off joints and muscles
  • Maximum shock absorption and support
  • Patented heel cup encapsulates heel for natural shock absorption
  • Patented contour shape adapts footwear to foot
  • Patented stabilizer cap provides firm support
  • Antimicrobial cover treatment prevents odor
  • Trim-to-fit cut lines for improved fit

Comments: SUPERfeet are the bees knees. Former US Army Infantry, current Framer/Superintendent (been beating up my body for a long time lol). Been using the orange SF for over 3 months, I run 20+ miles a week and am on my feet 10-12hrs a day. No more back pain, my Plantar Faciaitis and knee pain have become more manageable too. I super suggest going into a brick and mortar running store to get fitted for SF and make sure you are getting the support you need. Then buy the from running warehouse (you can't beat there prices) BUY THEESE AND YOUR FEET WILL THANK YOU
From: Ryan, CA, USA. May 18th 2014

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