Superfeet Women's Berry Insoles

Price: $40.45 MSRP: $45.00
Superfeet Women's Berry Wms 4.5-6.0
In Stock: 2
  • Insoles Sizes: Wms 5.0-6.5
Superfeet Women's Berry Wms 6.5-8.0
In Stock: 4+
  • Insoles Sizes: Wms 7.0-8.5
Superfeet Women's Berry Wms 8.5-10.0
In Stock: 4+
  • Insoles Sizes: Wms 9.0-10.5, Men's 7.0-8.5
Superfeet Women's Berry Wms 10.5-12.0
In Stock: 3
  • Insoles Sizes: Men's 9.0-10.5


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Model Number: 6400

Designed to specifically fit the unique qualities of women's feet and footwear, the Superfeet Berry Insole is a great replacement that adds structure and provides shock absorption during impact.


  • Women's sizes: 4.5 - 12


  • Pair of insoles
  • Ideal for women with a medium to high arch
  • Centers heel, supports the foot and aligns the body, which takes stress off joints and muscles
  • Maximum shock absorption and support
  • Patented heel cup encapsulates heel for natural shock absorption
  • Patented contour shape adapts footwear to foot
  • Patented stabilizer cap provides firm support
  • Antimicrobial cover treatment prevents odor
  • Trim-to-fit lines for improved fit

Comments: Women's Berry Superfeet have been a wonderful addition to my workouts.  For years, I have worn the green Superfeet.  I always liked them but needed a bit more cushion on runs.  These berry insoles are perfect for that extra cushion with great stability.  I wear my Mizuno's for run, spin class and step aerobics with my Berry superfeet happily inside.  I would reccomend them for all women!
From: Amy, Gainesville, GA, USA

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