Pro-Tec Toe Caps 4-Pack

Pro-Tec Toe Caps 4-Pack

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Model Number: 3300

Pro-Tec Toe Caps help protect toes from blisters, rubbing, irritation and toenail loss.


  • Pack of 4 Silicone caps
  • Absorbs stress in toe area
  • Prevents toes from touching inside of shoe
  • Can be trimmed to fit smaller toes

Sizes and Colors

  • One Size Fits Most
  • Clear

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I guess these are great if you don't have toenails. I wore them once, and within the first mile, my big toe had gone right through the toe cap, and the second one broke after about mile 5. They did provide cushioning, which was great, but I don't think they are intended for a single use. No, my toenails are super long or sharp, and no, my shoes are not too small or tight. Huge waste of money in my opinion.
From: KB, NE, USA. May 6th 2015

Comments: After years of suffering badly blistered little toes, due to curling under the other toes, this product provided full relief! The various anti-friction powders and rub-ons help for a couple hours, but these things go a full day of run-walk in the mtns with no pain at all. Had to cut shorter for small toes, fits snug but OK over big toes (size 9 mens).
From: Albion, Idaho

Comments: Just a note of customer feedback to let you know that I have found the silicon toe-caps to be a good product and I use them for my long training runs for various races I do here throughout the year, culminating in the Honolulu Marathon (Sunday, 9 Dec). So far, so good, except for one minor issue. The caps are a little too small for the big toe. They are difficult to stretch over my big toe and tend to slip forward during running, coming almost completely off, even when I wear the Injinji "toe socks" I use for most of the long runs. Perhaps a slightly larger size could be made for the big toe.
From: John, Honolulu, HI, USA