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Comments: I've had these for a month and a half now, and though I've tried other PI shoes and another brand's shoe in that time, I have to say that this is the best shoe that I've run in for 23 years.   It is fast, great flexibility and transition, very well designed with no gimmicks, and has enough cushioning for training (but you can feel the ground, too).  I've beaten them pretty badly, including with a 20 mile trail run, but they are still holding up (and I'm 167 lbs.) I both supinate and pronate on one foot, and they are ok with that, even.  Very recently I bought a pair of P.I. Kissaki as a complement to these, for some more support and recovery because I tend to run fast in these, and they complement each other pretty nicely.  Really a shoe to love if you like putting on something light, but cushioned enough, that will just let you go out the door and really run.
From: Ron, Bloomington, IN

Comments: This running shoe is so light - it's made of the highest quality material, a breathable seamless upper, so comfortable it has made me forget about wearing another brand of running shoes on my feet ever again. I ran a 10k  and to experienced  no discomfort at all, no hot spots, nothing - no pain anywhere.I am still in shock. It was  the correct choice in purchasing these shoes for me - I'm even surprised at the compliments on how good they look - definitely want the blue one's next ( I wear the white,silver,light green ). After I placed one of my feet inside the shoe- everything snugs your foot comfortably together with plenty of room for your toes to move inside similar to a sock, while the sides feel like two hands holding them secure in place, supportive, and help transition your feet in your natural gait with just enough comfort to feel the road and give you the energy for your PB.
From: Demetri, New Jersey

Comments: When I first received them in the mail, I put them on. I didn't particularly love the fit, which was why I returned them. However, it was comfortable and I enjoyed the feel of the cushioning. The ride was pretty smooth too. It didn't work for me, but it is worth a try for you!
From: anonymous

Comments: I have tried numerous light weight racers, out of the box these have been great! I loved them so much, I have ordered a heavier training shoe by Pearl. I love the running warehouse, and the Pearl's are great.
From: Brad, Johnson City, TN, USA

Comments: This is my all time favorite running shoe.  I've been a runner for 10 years, and train a lot for running and triathlon, running up to 70 mi/week.  I ran in the Denver marathon this year in these, and was absolutely the right shoe.  This is the only shoe I've found that allows me to train and race while maintaining my forefoot strike/natural gate.  Pearl please don't change this shoe!!!
From: Danny, Fort Collins, CO USA

Comments: I wore this shoe for the Chicago marathon (my first) and had run about 20 miles in it prior. I barely felt the shoes on my feet, they fit really well and it was very comfortable throughout the race. The only problem was that because it has vent holes at the bottom, some water/gatorade seeped through and soaked my socks. In any case, these shoes are awesome and I will be buying a pair or two more soon - maybe a Christmas gift to myself!
From: Vijay, Vernon Hills, IL

Comments: I just got my new Peral Izumi Streak II shoes today. I immediately went for a short (3 mile) run to try them out (after walking around the house with them for awhile). I'm a pretty new runner and these are the first *real* running shoes I have ever purchased so I don't have much to compare them to. I just had to say I very much enjoyed running in them. They felt almost like a slipper, except my foot was very secure and comfortable. I love these shoes so far. I'm looking forward to a great summer of running.
From: Tory, Alexandria, MN, USA

Comments:  I agree with the first comment. An amazing shoe. From a 4 mile to tempo to a half marathon. I have run hard and fast in these shoes. My vote for best running shoe of 2011.
From: Kevin, Sacramento, CA, USA

Comments: The most Amazing shoe ever!! I got mine last week and they feel like im wearing no shoes at all, they have helped me meet my PB with my running and I dont want to take them off!!!
From: Courtenay, Brisbane, QLD, AU


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